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Clash of Clans is een populair spel voor iPad/iPhone/iPod en nu ook voor android. Het is gemaakt door "Supercell ". Het is een strategiespel waar spelers dorpen kan bouwen en bewerken, Clans joinen en veel veel meer Het is gratis om te spelen alleen voor sommige dingen zoals extra goud/elixir moet je betalen. Maar verder zijn alle mogelijkheden gratis. Clash of Clans is mogelijk voor alle Android* en Apple gebruikers.



  • Chief: "Hero Abilities!" update is now live! See Version History
  • Congratulations to DancingBear, winner of the wiki wall contest!
  • Chief: Clash of Clans is now available on Android! More info.
  • Ever since the new update, Chiefs are now able to show which league they are in at the You page!
  • Chief new update to the You page! Now you are able to share your Game Center name with fellow clashers!


29th January 2014 "Hero Abilities!"

New Hero abilities!

  • Both Heroes have acquired special abilities that can be activated once per battle.
  • Iron Fist: The Barbarian King and nearby Barbarians become enraged for a short time.
  • Royal Cloak: The Archer Queen hides from and becomes invisible to all enemy defenses for a short time.
  • Both Hero abilities will instantly call in a group of Barbarians or Archers to reinforce their King or Queen.
  • Hero abilities unlock for free at Hero level 5 and improve in strength every additional 5 Hero levels!

Flyers, freezers and brand new boosts

  • Level 6 Minions are here to wreak havoc on enemy bases!
  • Level 5 Freeze Spell leaves defenses on ice for longer than ever before.
  • Get your Heroes back into battle faster by boosting their recovery.
  • Boost cost and duration of Barracks and Spell Factory now reduced.

Clan Co-leaders take charge

  • Clan Co-leaders can now be appointed by the Clan Leader or other Clan Co-leaders.
  • They have all the privileges of Clan Leaders, except for the ability to demote or kick other Co-leaders.
  • Clan Elders are now no longer able to promote or demote and only able to kick normal members.

Gem overgrowth

  • New plant growth is being found with more gems inside than ever before!
  • Mysterious boxes packed with gems are being reported all throughout the realm.

Interface improvements

  • Chat is now available even when away from your village
  • Army Camps, the Spell Factory and Clan Castle now display used capacity next to their name when they are selected.
  • Obstacles can now be cleared in edit mode. (Yay!)

Balance tweaks

  • Decreased the upgrade cost and time of Freeze Spell levels 3 and 4.
  • Decreased Rage Spell level 5 damage bonus decreased.
  • Increased Hog Rider training cost on all levels.
  • Increased Valkyrie hitpoints on all levels.
  • Increased P.E.K.K.A hitpoints from on level 3 and 4.

Many more bug fixes, tweaks and performance improvements

See Version History.


What level is your Town Hall?

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